Inside No. 9 S4

Still absolutely one of the best programs on TV. It starts very strongly and I love the style of “Zanzibar”. I think it becomes slightly predictable and loses some of its edge in the last three episodes; a fact especially obvious in “To Have and to Hold” I still wouldn’t miss an episode though.

Inside No. 9 S3

Every episode of every season is engaging, but this season opens with, and maintains, an extremely high standard. “The Devil of Christmas” is brilliantly done, but the ending is a bit too much. “The Riddle of the Sphinx” is my favourite episode of S3.

Ricky Gervais: Humanity

Sometimes hits the mark. I like listening to him and some of it is neatly constructed, but other topics were worn out long before Gervais picked them up.

The Grand Tour S2

Large improvement on S1. Conversation St is awkward, as are some of the more Neanderthal comments by Clarkson. But the segments are generally high quality. The Jaguar episode was particularly entertaining.

Inside No. 9 S2

It’s just a very neatly done TV show. Every episode is memorable and stands firmly on its own. The ‘12 days of Christmas’ is the stand out.

London has fallen

Not sure if it’s trying to be a live action videogame. But whichever way you look at it this is a big mess. Bad plot. Bad acting. Bad special effects. What a mess.

Olympus has fallen

Tense and gripping build up. Tries to be a modern day Die Hard, but fails with an over the top, rushed, poorly conceived and executed final 30 minutes. Worth it for the first part though, but lots of violence.

Derren Brown: The Push

I do find it somewhat unbelievable, but I guess we have to take the show’s outcome at face value. An interestingly unpleasant watch.

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

I wasn’t keen to watch this, given some of the negative reviews, but i am glad I did. Gorgeous cinematography, great cast, good acting and a reasonably faithful plot. I think it’s great that this story gets introduced to a new generation with such a good movie.

Inside No. 9 S1

Nicely done. Never dull and each episode is gripping and strongly worth watching. Although I really wasn’t expecting, nor wanting, the outright horror of the last episode called ‘The Harrowing’.

Justice League

An absolute mess. I have nothing positive to say. Nothing to like. From the plot, to the acting, to the special effects. A complete mess.

Shutter Island

Finally got around to seeing it. DiCaprio is excellent and the story unfolds very well; albeit the twist became evident long before the end.

Rick and Morty S1

Pretty neat and some real laugh out loud moments. This has potential to get very good and set’s up S2 very well.

Gone Girl

First half builds tension brilliantly well. The second half wraps things together, although believability is stretched. Overall an impressively tense affair.

Planet of the Apps

Enjoyable show - and despite the judges bravado indicating otherwise, it demonstrates just how difficult it is for app developers to build something truly new, appealing and useful.

Game of Thrones S7

Too rushed and too predictable. Season 7 did too much in too few episodes. Felt very staged and simplistic in places. Still many a gripping scene though.

Westworld S1

High production value and a gripping storyline - well acted too. Super premise and a lot of anticipation built for S2.

The End of the World Running Club

Some promise and some nicely set-up scenes; if a little formulaic. But ultimately it’s yet another post apocalyptic story to go alongside the zillions which already exist.