Totally gripping throughout. I don’t think the ending is a disappointment; it just adds other ways you can interpret the reality of the movie. Joaquin Phoenix is immense. I love anything based in Gotham City.

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

I have not been impressed with recent Tarantino movies, but this was a welcome return to form. Neatly and cleverly done.

This time with Alan Partridge

It’s 2019 and Patridge still works on TV! Some of the scenes were a little hit and mess, but then it all fell beautifully into place during episode 4, which provided more Laugh Out Loud moments than I can remember in any other Partridge episode ever made. So all of it is watchable, but episode 4 is just briliant.


Everyone seemed to love this. And I love Line of Duty (the creator, Jed Mercurio’s, big series). I found Bodyguard a little over the top and too contrived, convenient and dramatic. It was ok, but far from being as clever and engrossing as Line of Duty.

Deadpool 2

It’s fun. It’s fresh. It’s action packed fun, clever scriptwriting and it has some real laugh out loud moments. I doubt anyone else than Ryan Reynolds could deliver on the promise like he does.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

I really like to watch an action movie. The plot need not be original. But despite some good action scenes, the plot ‘twists’ in this MI were a bit too predictable and sedate. I’ll still watch them but it’s definite 6.7 territory for me.

They Shall Not Grow Old (2018)

Brilliantly narrated and edited movie about the horrors of Britan’s volunteer army in World War I. Peter Jackson does a great job that tells the story from a normal person’s perspective. Would still be good in black and white, but the colour restoration adds even more.

Sharp Objects

I liked the slow and creeping pace. The ending, for me, was predictable before the end - but the acting and gothic style horror was brilliantly done. Amy Adams is a very good actress too and I loved the use of music.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan S1

Brilliantly scripted and acted. Great mix of action and suspense. Maybe wrapped up too abruptly, but what a performance by John Krasinski. I look forward to more.

Westworld S2

Started off promisingly. But then I am not sure the scriptwriters knew how to fill all the 10 episodes. It started to borrow / copy Lost and the Matrix. I didn’t want so many side stories and they were poor compensation for a lack of central narrative. And I left this show wishing it had ended after S1. I have 0 enthusiasm for anymore of this.

Blade Runner 2049

It looks great. It sounds great. It has a good plot. I think if I watched it again on a larger screen (not my phone) my rating might be significantly higher

Deepwater Horizon

Not sure the blame is as simple to pin on solely BP executives, as this movie does - but it is a tense and, I believe, reasonable accurate portrayal of the terrible event on the oil rig.

Nocturnal Animals

Stylised suspense. I was gripped throughout and loved the performances by Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams. Will have to watch Tom Ford’s first movie (as director) after seeing this.

Molly's Game

I am less sure about this movie when I read about how it diverges from reality. But Aaron Sorkin can craft a great script and bring it to life - of that there is no doubt. Overall a really well made movie and a recommended watch.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I actually enjoyed this a lot more than the first instalment. Maybe I “got it” more this time, because I knew what to expect. I even liked the Elton John cameo. This makes me wish for a trilogy.

My Scientology Movie

This would have been a damp squid, if the Scientologists hadn’t took Theroux’s bait and began to act very disturbingly with solicitor’s letters, "private" roads, tailing and filming people while telling them they are suppressive. I don’t get the Church of Scientology and still don’t after this documentary. Worth a watch.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Not entirely sure about how over the top this is, nor the over the top English portrayal of Galahad by Colin Firth. There is a lot of gratuitous violence thrown in as well. That aside it is entertaining and Samuel L. Jackson is at times hilarious as the baddy Valentine.

The Brothers Grimsby

Worst thing Sacha Baron Cohen has been involved in. It is deliberately crass and tasteless. But it’s too much, as there is a lazy script underpinning this waste of time. I expected better.

David Brent: Life on the Road

Didn’t have much enthusiasm for this, as I thought The Office was a brilliant program that didn’t need a reprisal. But I really enjoyed this. It was funny, touching and, while not revolutionary, more of the same is no bad thing when the character is David Brent.

Big Little Lies S1

Gripping and immersive. The acting is so believable by everyone; with Kidman and Skarsgård probably delivering career best performances. Uncomfortable viewing at times, but high quality drama.