Bullet Train

Over the top violent, but fast paced and well constructed. A fun watch.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

It’s Indy and it’s good entertainment. The pace was good, the action scenes a little too like a computer game; but it stuck to the formula and had a decent script

Secret Obsession

Never trust a TikTok recommendation! This is pretty much garbage, mainly because of the glaring plot holes.

Blacklist S10

Finally it’s over. I haven’t watched every season but I had seen enough. It was time to end. There were a few good plot twists in S10, but other than that more of the same. The ending was unusual and not predictable. It was good TV.

Tom Clancy‘s Jack Ryan S4

Felt too complicated - complicated to the point I struggled to find it made any overall sense. I still like the characters, but not the strongest season to end on.


Glad I watched it in the cinema. Nolan is a director at the top of his game - this moves along at a fast pace, so you have to pay attention. Its gripping and engrossing throughout.

Top Gun: Maverick

Fast paced and enjoyable action movie. Would have been better to see it on the big screen, as it gives everything an audience would want.

Succession S2

Punchier, bolder and more outrageous than S1. The standard of acting and scriptwriting remains high. My only hesitancy is will every season re-tell the same story in a different way.

Black Mirror S6

A significant improvement on the forgettable S5 but still short of the brilliance of earlier seasons. That said I enjoyed the series, despite some unsettling episodes.


Well it’s got Arnie in it. And it does get better. But the episodes were too long for the content it had. I was grateful for it to end and not desperate for more.

Succession S1

Wasn’t sure about this until episode 6, but after that it accelerated and had me hooked. Succession has depth, intense dialogue and while everyone is despicable in different ways it’s must watch TV.

Citadel S1

It did get better, but this series was too eager to be great without putting the hard work in. It didn’t invest in building up the characters at the start, so even though there was action of aplenty I felt completely disconnected to it.

Rabbit Hole

I like anything with Kiefer Sutherland and this is no exception. The twists were good and the last episode brought it all satisfyingly together. Doesn’t need a second season, but I would watch it it gets one.


Fun watch. I liked Thing and Jenna Ortega brilliantly brings Wednesday to life.

The Banshees of Inisherin

Beautiful cinematography and a different kind of film than most. Though I found it a little too basic. It was a worth a watch.


Not sure how this one passed me by for so long. It is as beautiful as it is gripping. The best space movie I have ever seen and one of the best movies ever.

The Night Agent

Nothing new, but well written and executed. I thoroughly enjoyed each episode and would happily watch another season or three of this.

The Last Of Us

Great cast, compelling story and cleverly done. A totally fantastic job well done in bringing the video game to life.

House of Gucci

Gaga can act. I didn’t know the story and, while it takes its own creative license, it was a lively good paced introduction to the history of Gucci.

Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

60 minutes of content spread over 3x1 hour episodes. The question didn’t seem to be whether the internet sleuths helped catch the killer (I don’t think they did) but rather whether they drove the killers behaviour. An ok documentary.