Like with all these movies the more you Google the less accurate they become. But it was well made and the music was great throughout.


Good start and good ending, but too many threads and too much going on in the middle. Worth watching for Cumberbatch. And while not perfect the ambitious nature of the series is commendable.

Fallout S1

Never played the game, but this was really well crafted, scripted and acted; also very gory at times.


Very interesting and its long run-time flew by. It seems there are many historical inaccuracies in the movie, but the acting by Joaquin Phoenix is as authentic as it gets.

Stolen Focus

Not sure this breaks any new ground, but it presents (maybe sometimes one-sided) the research around flow state, how the modern world is affecting our concentration and delves into topics like ADHD.


I had heard good things and it didn’t disapppoint. Characters are engaging and story is well constructed.

Stay Close

The first Harlan Coben series I have watched on Netflix. I won’t rush to watch another. The ending was good, but it was a long and often plot holed path to get to it.


A fantastical movie with a feel good story and great leading performance. It doesn‘t enchant and engross as much as the Gene Wilder original, but it‘s fun and nice.


I was in the mood for some science fiction and this more than fitted the bill. A well crafted, beautifully shot movie held together by a greatly cast Paul Atreides.

Reacher S2

Good action, but there was too many nonsense plot holes. Ritchson is still extremely watchable as Reacher though.

Succession S4

A television masterpiece. So brilliantly written and acted. I think the ending was, for Succession, perfect.

Succession S3

Filled with gripping tension and laugh out loud moments. The immaculate writing means Succesion keeps getting better and better.

The Killer

Well shot, well acted, etc. The movie follows a linear path and passes a couple of hours just fine. Nothing special.

Anatomy of a Scandal

It pulls you in with its convincing courtroom acting. But the contrived plot reveals and ludicrous ending diminish what could have been a powerful and realistic drama.

John Wick: Chapter 4

This was my favourite of all the movies. Highly stylized, full of energy and it had some kind of story too. I really enjoyed it. Fun movie.

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One

The action movie is alive and well. Some silly plot holes like the steam train that runs on fresh air, but this is pulsating Hollywood movies at their best.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Alright no surprises what happens here. Honestly this one seemed a bit repetitive, but the action was still intense and brilliantly choreographed.

John Wick 2

Ok I get John Wick now. This is crazy choreographed action from an empty shell of a man played by Keanu Reeves. I like it.

John Wick

I am late to John Wick. It seems ok. No nonsense action and an interesting assasin world set-up. Easy watch. No need to concentrate.

Bullet Train

Over the top violent, but fast paced and well constructed. A fun watch.