About Me

Welcome to my small home on the web. I am a software professional currently living in Switzerland. Enjoyment is spending my time with my family, travelling, eating out, taking photos, reviewing things and building stuff with software. Currently I live in the wonderful city of Zurich in Switzerland.

Feel free to send me an e-mail (jonathanXplanetjones.net, where X is @) or connect with me on linkedin.

This website is built with the static site builder hugo. I wasn’t satisifed with any of the pre-built hugo themes so I created this simple one myself using the Bootstrap frontend toolkit.

Apps I use a lot (iOS)

    Notion: I store all my notes, ideas and read it later links in here. There are many ‘personal wiki’ type of applications, but Notion is, for me, the best.
    Plex: In one of their sales I bought a lifetime membership to Plex. I still like to have some media of my own and Plex is the best app to consume it (especially with the Apple TV app).
    Apollo: I tried the official Reddit app and didn’t like it at all. Apollo is a perfect application and the best way to enjoy Reddit. I hope Reddit never stop it from working.
    Aura: I didn’t appreciate some of the dark patterns they employed on sign-up (e.g. trying to lead you into the family membership) but to de-stress and relax I find the meditations and other audios really helpful.
    Dict.cc: Living in Switzerland I need a English to/from German app. Dict is fantastic and allows the download of its dictionary, so it works when there isn’t a network connection. Absolutely essential.
    Seedlang: There are so many apps to learn German as a foreign language, but this from the team behind Easy German on YouTube is the best I think. Leagues ahead of Duolingo and the quizzes in it are so much fun.

Favourite Movies

    Pulp Fiction (1996): Forever Tarantino’s best work. This movie stands the test of time and survives re-watch after re-watch. So many iconic scenes, great dialogue, acting and storytelling.
    The Prestige (2006): I would watch anything by Christopher Nolan multiple times, but The Prestige is my favourite. It’s great and gripping storytelling, visually stunning and just perfectly put together.
    Assault on Precinct 13 (1976): I first saw this on BBC2’s Moviedrome series and it has stayed with me ever since. It’s tense and gritty. The accompanying score by John Carpenter is perfect. Not to be confused with the unnecessary remake.
    The Dark Knight (2008): Another Nolan movie - I doubt his Batman trilogy will ever be beaten. The action sequences are as amazing as Heath Ledger as The Joker is compelling. This is intense, pounding and brilliant.
    Die Hard (1988): Simply the best Christmas movie of all time. I watch it every year. Even though I know everything that is going to unfold it’s still exciting.
    Interstellar (2014): I found this movie late after having never prioritised it. What a mistake that was! This is beautiful and absorbing. If there is a better space movie I have not seen it.